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Loving this game!! 

This game is PURE EVIL

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Bruh this is a memeful game 


great game. how did you do the art style?

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Hi :)

I have a suggestion about the punches to make the game more interesting and challenging: max 1 punch at once on screen. If you don't like the idea, can you add this as an option, please? Also rapidfire should be a good thing for this. And some for the prequel "Super Fist Dude", please! :)

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The graphics look great and the background music sounds nice too! However, the controls and the overall game feel a bit too slow. And upon seeing the first enemy, my first instinct was to jump on its head which proved to not work. Might want to put a small reminder at the start of the level (like a signboard or something?) to shoot in case others have the instinctive thinking to jump on the enemy heads ala Super Mario.


Great graphics. I found the controls really floaty,l I think it might be more fun if things moved a bit faster and movement was a bit tighter. Great work though.

Thanks! And about the controls, you can duck (Press down) to immediately stop moving on the ground.


I love the graphics, enemies are so cute.


So close to rescuing the hazelnut... so close... :)


Thanks for the video! Made some changes to make the game a bit more fair in V1.0.1


I think it's time for another run. ;)